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Client Comments and Reviews

Kira and Tim's Wedding, North Lincolnshire


Ratings : Service 5, Value 5, Recommend 5

The only thing you need to know about Darryl Brooks is that he is amazing! My advice to anybody reading this is to simply stop at the end of this sentence and hire him now. For those still unsure, let me explain my statement.

For those still unsure, let me explain my statement. Me and my wife Kira spent a lot of time searching for a wedding photographer. We traipsed around a lot of events, trawled the Internet and sent out emails to what felt like every photographer in the North of England. We received quotes from dozens of eager shutterbugs but it was clear to us that Darryl was by far the best. Not only was the quality of his work at a far higher level than those of his competitors, he also charged far less too.

From the moment we said the job was his, we knew we'd made the right choice. He talked us through everything he wanted to do. We all drove down to the wedding venue in Lincolnshire just so Darryl could see what photos he could and couldn't do on the day. We had a chance to explain in length what it was we wanted pictures of and he in turn gave us some fantastic advice.

On the big day itself, Darryl proved to be even better than we could ever have imagined. He arrived at the venue nearly an hour before we did and didn't waste a second of that extra time. All of our guests had nothing but compliments to say about him. Many mentioned how at ease and relaxed they were around him despite his big camera and obvious professionalism. (And this is from people who are usually shy of cameras!) Not once did he make our guests wait an uncomfortable amount of time per picture. Not once did the posed photos feel unnatural or forced. Darryl even risked life and limb by climbing up onto the roof of the building simply so we could have the large group shot we so desperately wanted. Other photographers would have said it was an impossible photo to get. Then again, other photographer's aren't Darryl Brooks.

The best photos taken that day however were the ones snapped when nobody knew he was even there. I don't know how he did it but he seems to have this incredible skill where one minute he can garner everybody's attention and the next go completely invisible. If he worked for the military, he would be dangerous. Instead, he uses his powers for good and managed to capture the greatest moments of our wedding, and all without anyone knowing. Emotional tears, fits of laughter, the innate joy of a child with a chocolate fountain. He photographed it all and not a single image of it was faked, posed or positioned like you would get from lesser photographers.

In the end, Darryl stayed for almost the entire wonderful day. From before the bride and groom arrived until most of the way through the dancing at the end. The photos he took of our first dance were magical and with his trusty lens he caught it all. Have you ever taken your own photos of something special and then felt sad afterwards that they failed to capture the atmosphere? I know I have but clearly this is not a problem ever experienced by Darryl Brooks. Though months have passed since that magnificent day, all we have to do is flip open our amazing storybook album (which Darryl hand delivered to our door himself because that's just how awesome he is)and we can feel all the wonderment over and over again.

So in summary. Darryl Brooks is cheaper, more talented, willing to go a lot further for his clients and is, in general, better than anyone else you're likely to come across.

Though other photographers take pictures, Darryl Brooks captures memories.

Kira and Tim