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Client Comments and Reviews

Amy & Anuj Bahl

Finding a photographer for your special day is one of the most stressful things to check off your list. We found that the list of what you want from a photographer grows the more you think about it. Do you really just want someone who can come, take good shots and leave? No, you need someone who can interact with all guests; someone who can pull everyone in line, so the photos are not taking hours; someone who can capture the day and not just take the usual shots; and most importantly someone who understands YOU and YOUR needs and doesn’t charge the earth. We got all of this and more from Darryl.

As a bride, I wasn’t too keen on the thought of all these pictures being taken and knew that I would feel uncomfortable on my wedding day with all the poses, the smiles and the photographer. My worry was I would have the same hideous smile on all the pictures. However, this was definitely not the case! Darryl listened to what we wanted, and hit the nail on the head on the day! He managed our big wedding party extremely well. Every single guest at our wedding said what a great photographer he was and this was all due to his interaction on the day. He had us all laughing when doing the posing shots so no-one felt uncomfortable and then went about his own way, taking some beautiful shots without anyone knowing.

Our wedding photographs were amazing! He captured the whole day perfectly. Everyone was relaxed, smiling and having fun. When we saw the pictures, they were everything we wanted. So much so that we had trouble picking the pictures for our album, we loved them all. When we did finally pick and receive our album, it was beautiful!

We simply cannot put into words how much we thank Darryl for creating such a perfect array of photographs and the perfect album. He listened to what we wanted and delivered exactly that. If you are reading this and are in two minds about your photographer my advice would be, pick someone who can interact, take beautiful pictures and capture your special day. So many wedding photos can be the same traditional style and the same traditional look, go for what your day represents. Your day represents love, family, friends and happiness; the man to capture that is most definitely Darryl. If you feel uncomfortable and feel you are not quite as photogenic as you would like, Darryl is the guy for you. With the pre-wedding shoot he gets to know you, and sees what he has to work with, and let me tell you, you will love the outcome of those too! Trust us; you will not be disappointed by Darryl Brooks Photography, his talent, his interaction and his professionalism.

Amy & Anuj Bahl