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Examples of outfits

A quick search on the internet for "boudoir images" will give you a good range of ideas, from long dresses to no more than a smile, but plenty of in between. Here are a few images as inspiration for what to bring.


Shirts do a great job of cheekily revealing as much or as little as you like

Gemma styling it up with a floppy hat, shirt and tie.

Gemma in hat and white shirt - classy boudoir

How about rocking it up with a leather jacket?

topless with black leather jacket

A classic lacy camisole top and hot pant shorts

boudoir black lacy camisole top and hotpants shorts

Classic bra and knickers lingerie

boudoir photoshoot in hull with Tanya in pale blue matching bra and knickers lingerie

Or just a hint at nothing at all (we call this implied nude)

(actually wearing some pants)

implied nude boudoir photoshoot