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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about before I book my boudoir shoot?


Do you do airbrushing?

Well, okay, if you insist! Read any magazines and you know that the celeb in the photoshoot doesn't look EXACTLY that perfect in real life. Photoshop is a wonderful thing, but we still want to be able to recognise that it is you! All images will get a small amount of adjustment for colour and brightness. Your private online gallery will show all of the basic, unedited images, plus a selection of my favourites, showing them fully retouched (airbrushed) to give you an idea of what the finished product will look like. During the photoshoot you will be posed and styled to maximise your natural gorgeousness and minimise the airbrushing required! All your final chosen images will then be carefully edited, with a small amount of things like removing spots, removing flyaway hair and carefully smoothing your skin so you will look your best ever before presenting your product to you. I will also do a small amount of extra work if you specifically ask for it (removing birthmarks/scars, smooth any lumps and bumps etc). It is a very common thing that I get asked about, and everyone has a different take on what is right for them, so please talk to me! Of course, if you would prefer absolutely no airbrushing, I can do that too - just let me know.


Okay... but you're a man, right?

Yes, indeed I am. Even though I'm actually quite a nice guy, and have been photographing ladies (and men, for that matter) for many years without any problems, it's fine to bring a chaperone, so if you feel more comfortable you can bring a friend along to the shoot to give you moral support, though I have done shoots where people bring their mums, or daughters, or husbands! In most cases, depending on how daring you are, I'll see no more than you'd show if you were at the swimming pool or on the beach. Remember, the session is all about you, so we only take the shots that you are comfortable with, and you should come away feeling fantastic and empowered, and hopefully can't wait until you see your photos.


I like the idea of doing the shoot at home, but how much space do you need?

For most flexibility, the studio is best as there is the space and more options for lighting, backdrops etc. However, if you'd prefer to do it at your home, and a more natural look, home shoots are fab, and you don't need a great deal of space. Great results can be achieved in modestly-sized bedroom, on a double bed. I don't bring masses of equipment, using natural window light or maybe a flash-head for extra lighting, so just need a bed or sofa with maybe four feet of shooting distance around the side. Shooting at your home has many benefits for you; you always have all your outfits at hand; you can get changed wherever you like; you will most likely feel more comfortable; you don't need to travel! If you have questions about location, I can have a chat about the suitability of your home. Please note there is an extra cost for a home shoot due to travelling and extra setup time. For Hull area, this will be an extra £25. Here is an example of a home shoot.


Do you do these shoots for men?

I get this asked quite a lot, and the answer is "yes, I do!"


How naked am I going to get?

We see as much as you want to to make you feel good about yourself. You have to be comfortable in what you are doing, so it could be just your favourite fabulous little black dress, but down to underwear would be an ideal middle ground. Think beach. A warm beach, that is. But we will be photographing you from the most flattering angles, with professional camera equipment and lighting, to ensure you look your best. If you wanted to go further, we could hint at nudity without being fully naked (or me seeing you) or you can go the full monty - it's absolutely fine. Before we start, we canl look through a selection of images to get an idea on what your likes and dislikes are: you may surprise yourself later and push yourself that little bit further! Here are some examples of what I have done before with some ideas of what you can bring to wear.


Will my photos be all over the internet?!

Absolutely not without your permission, no. While I like to show new clients my previous work on my website or prints, your shoot will remain completely private. If I really want to use some of your images I will ask and wait for your permission before doing anything. If you want a copy of one for your Facebook or Instagram profile, I'm quite happy to give it to you, as it's a great way of advertising my work! For the rest of the images, your online viewing gallery is password-protected so that only you can see it.


How long do I have to wait to see the photos?

Depending on my workload, you should expect to see your online gallery within a week. Once you have chosen your final photos, they could be ready in about one week (for standard prints) or two to three weeks for framed art. If you choose the photobook, these take the longest, at around four to five weeks, but are worth the wait!


What do I need to bring with me?

I have put a little guide to what to bring called how to prepare for your boudoir photoshoot.


How do I book my boudoir photoshoot?

Get in touch with me through the contact page and let me know when you are looking to book so we can arrange makeup artists etc if necessary.