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How to Prepare For Your Boudoir Photoshoot

So, you've booked your boudoir photography session.

What to do next?

Get a bit excited? Yes.

Get a bit scared? Yes!

Thinking of cancelling? Probably, but don't - you will love it!


We want the best results possible, so here are a few ideas:


Moisturise! If you're flaunting your skin, look after it by applying plenty of lotions in the run-up to the session, to give you a super-soft glowing skin in the photographs.

Ideally, your natural skintone is best, but if you really want to have a tan, do it far enough in advance so that you get chance for it to settle, with no blotches.

Do your nails (fingers and toes!) or have a pedicure/manicure.

If you choose to use my makeup or hairstylist, don't put anything on beforehand - let them do their magic before the shoot. If you decide to do your own makeup, consider false eyelashes, even if you wouldn't normally wear them, as they will really accentuate your eyes - they won't look as over-the-top in the photographs as they might do in real life.

Bring some nice lingerie - perhaps two or three sets as a guide, and make sure it fits nicely so it doesn't squeeze you too much. It could be a once in a lifetime thing (or maybe a once a year thing) so it's a good excuse to go out and treat yourself to a new set.

Bring some sexy shoes - slinky heels are preferable to anything too chunky, but you decide for yourself.

Perhaps bring a small amount of jewellery - such as a necklace or bracelets - something that suits you, be it classically understated or a bit more avant-garde, as a finishing touch to the outfit. Something that stays put is preferable (so it keeps its shape when you are laying down) and nothing too detracting from the main event (you, that is!)

If the shoot is for your other half (maybe a bit anyway) and they are the sporty type, sneak their team shirt out and we can use that as a nice sexy surprise for them. If they are a business-type, bring a nice crisp shirt to dress up in.

Bring a dressing gown or shirt to put on between setups.

For some inspiration on what to wear, here are some examples of outfits.

On the day: don't wear tight clothing on the way to the shoot, especially underwear, as it will leave obvious marks. Also, for the photoshoot outfits, too-tight underwear will cause bulges on photos whether you are a size 18 or an 8, and we don't want that. I honestly won't be checking what it says in the label, so make sure it is the right size for you!

Lastly... prepare to have fun! You won't do this every day, and once you are in the swing of things and you start to relax, the best shots will come, so remember you are also doing this for yourself as much as anyone else.

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